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Thank you so much to all my Fans for all the support and love you have given me at my live performances through out the years you are all so wonderful! Its an exciting journey and I’m glade that you are all part of it. Now to make things even more exciting I am proud to announce that I have just finishing shooting a music video for my new single  TURN ME ON which will be released sometime in 2016. Hope you all love it. I will keep you all posted… Thanks again!

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God Bless

Roger West




6 thoughts on “TO ALL MY FANS!!

  1. I first heard Roger at the Brooks Hotel,his voice is amazing,i cant wait till he comes to our area again.

  2. Always an awesome show. Pretty much the only time I go out is for Rogers shows when he is in town. Thanks for always playing great songs and an amazing friend. Can’t wait for your next show.

  3. heard you for the first time at the town an country, calgary …very good looking man with a amazing voice…would love to hear him again

  4. It was so nice to finally meet you and your beautiful daughter. Can’t wait to buy your new music. Good luck with the release!

  5. It was awesome meeting you and must say you have an awesome band and YOU are awesome. Hope to see you many times more.!! Your new 72 year old friend. LOL.

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